September 2023


Written Report


With China’s real estate crisis dominating the news cycle during the past few weeks we asked our
go-to China expert, Louis Vincent-Gave, for permission to share an article he first published on 22nd

Louis is co-founder and CEO of Gavekal, a research company we have worked with for almost 20
years. This article runs longer than normal, but it is an important topic and his considered analysis
helps inform our own views on the Chinese economy and markets.

With special thanks to Gavekal’s Jamie Robinson and Louis himself for allowing us to republish his

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The above points to just one of the many complex variables that should be considered when creating and managing portfolios over the coming decade and beyond.

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✔️ Cost-Effectiveness of portfolios: For our core portfolios and segregated mandates, we leverage our considerable purchasing power to implement competitively priced actively managed portfolios.

✔️ Peace of Mind: that your client’s funds are being managed in an appropriate way.

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Disclaimer: The content of this communication is for information purposes only. Bentley Reid believes that, at the time of publication, the views expressed and opinions given are correct but cannot guarantee this and viewers intending to take action based upon the content of this communication should first consult with the professional who advises them on their financial affairs. Neither the publisher nor any of its subsidiaries or connected parties accepts responsibility for any direct or indirect loss suffered by a recipient as a result of any action or inaction, in reliance upon the content of this communication.

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