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Our Advice Services include:
- Investment management
- Trust & Company structures
- UK domicile and residency issues
- Income, capital and inheritance tax efficiency
- Asset structuring and simplification
- Private office services
- Entrepreneur & business ownership issues
- Property ownership & debt finance
- Divorce matters and resolution
- Charitable & philanthropic activities
- Retirement planning
- Life & general insurance

Tax Structuring and Financial Advice

Bentley Reid works with you to achieve a detailed understanding of your financial circumstances and aspirations, seeking a solution that aligns the two over the short and longer term. We invest time to understand your unique situation, providing advice on individual issues or mapping out an approach for the structuring and management of all your assets.

We employ experienced professionals to deliver comprehensive advice and to ensure that the guidance remains relevant and robust as legislation changes and your situation evolves. Where we feel a client will benefit from external input, we access the best advice available, seamlessly integrating it into our overall recommendations. In every jurisdiction of client involvement, we retain a network of trusted experts to act as a complement to our in-house expertise.

We act for those with significant assets and those at the wealth creation stage of life. For those with established means and diverse requirements, we offer a full service, international private office facility.

We provide advice services to UK and European residents from our London office, whilst the Hong Kong office caters for the needs of local residents and those from the broader Asia Pacific region.