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Our Fees

In all parts of our business, we provide complete fee transparency. We do not benefit from any inducements or 'soft commissions' from third parties, ensuring that our incentives are clearly aligned with our clients' long term, best interests. For all our charges, fee levels are agreed in advance.

For professional services, like TAX & FINANCIAL ADVICE, we charge time fees. Hourly rates vary with the nature of the task and the seniority of the Executive involved. To avoid any misunderstanding, where possible we endeavour to estimate time fees before undertaking any material piece of work.

For TRUSTS & COMPANIES, due to the diverse nature of client requirements, we seek to agree an annual fee that reflects the complexity of the proposed structure(s) and the anticipated levels of administrative work. Where appropriate, we are happy to agree fixed annual fees, to provide predictable on-going costs.

Finally, our INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT division will usually charge an ad valorem fee, linked to the value of the assets under management. For larger portfolios fixed fees are available by negotiation. Fee levels will reflect the complexity and potential returns of the relevant mandate.